About Us

Titan Consulting was formed in 2008 by Patrick Bishop.  Prior to starting Titan, Patrick was Executive Vice President for one of the largest privately held construction companies in the United States.  His background in Operations, Business Development and Talent Management created a unique platform to build Titan upon.  All of the associates at Titan have previous experience in one facet or another involving the construction industry, so our experience makes us unique.  Our focus has been centered on all facets of commercial construction and development and the disciplines and trades associated with the industry.  Since our inception, we have grown to a national company with offices in Boston, Washington, D.C., Naples and Los Angeles.  We practice in three main areas:

Management Consulting – our management consulting practice works with clients to help oversee the strategic growth and development of the organization.  From analyzing and implementing Business Development strategies and measurements, to annual business planning, to strategic market growth, our consultants work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that the company they want to build, can be built.

Mergers and Acquisitions – this is our newest, but fastest growing practice.  Clients have looked at options to grow their company strategically and geographically and have retained us to help identify potential acquisition targets that meet a desired set of criteria.  From initial contact, we work throughout the process, including the transition after closing, to ensure a successful partnership is formed.  We also have been retained by companies that have not built a succession plan or exit strategy and feel that they can best be served by being acquired by another company.  Having the flexibility to work both sides of the aisle has allowed us to rapidly grow this division.

Human Capital Services – the biggest challenge facing any company is people.  How do you get the right people to help grow the company?  How do you develop a system for review and promotion?  Who are the top performers in a company?  All of these questions have allowed us to develop a system that helps grow the company internally while also focusing on acquiring the best talent from your competition.