Human Capital Strategies

The title of this division covers a broad spectrum of all the areas in which Titan works with our clients to develop a key strategy of developing their people.

One of the services provided is creating and implementing a “depth chart” of your company.  We take a long, detailed look at all of your personnel to identify areas of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.  Through this process we help our clients develop a system that can and should be repeated every quarter to reflect an accurate look at the company as a whole.

“Hire the Best” is a program developed by our CEO, Patrick Bishop, which allows Titan to show and train executive management on how to effectively identify, recruit and hire the top talent in the marketplace.  This is a seminar that can be taught for up to 25 team members and usually is a half day class.  Besides teaching “how” to recruit, this class also covers behavioral interviewing by teaching management how to effectively conduct an interview and the proper set up for an interview.  The idea behind the class is to save companies an extraordinary amount of money they typically would pay to search firms.

Retained search services are our most common request with the Human Capital Strategies division.  This is a group of professional recruiters that look to identify, recruit and help hire a successful professional for your organization.  Our goal is to identify candidates that are currently employed, happy where they are at and not currently looking for an opportunity.  These are the best candidates a company can hope to hire and the most significant candidates a company cannot afford to lose.

Lastly, we partnered with ConstructionCandidate.Com to create a database of potential candidates that may have interest in your company.  To view the website, click