Management Consulting

Our management consulting practice is dedicated to working with our clients to help them achieve their desired results.  We do this by working on several factors within an organization:

Direct employee feedback – we spend hours with the core people in your company, in a confidential setting, to get an understanding of what they think works best at your company, but also what are the areas the company needs to improve.

Outside feedback – we listen to your clients, architects, subcontractors, even your competition, to get a full understanding of what the marketplace thinks of your firm.

Business Planning – incorporating this knowledge, we then work with your firm on setting timetables to create, implement and review a corporate business plan for the present as well as the road five years down.  

Strategic Planning – getting you and your team to think differently about the business: what are the sectors that will exist in the next 3 years.  What markets will become oversaturated with competition.

Branding – helping craft the message and relay it to the public of what your company is all about.

Business Development – how are you acquiring work?  How do you measure the success of your business development department and professionals?